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What is a Dragon Pack?

A large group of individuals with common interests, views, or purposes massed together (pack)
having qualities that discourage attack and tending to inspire awe or wonder (dragon).

What is DragonPack.Com®?

DragonPack.Com® is an ever-expanding world that reflects who we are and who we hope to become.
Our main area has a dragon theme denoting the self-protecting women that we are becoming.

Main Area Table of Contents
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In our subsites (see below) you can get to know who we are and find many areas of support.
In our online shops (banner) you can buy many products and help support the fight against child abuse.

Recent Updates / Additions

Fighting Child Abuse in Fresno
Breaking the Silence stop the cycle of pain

Breaking the Silence in the News
KMPH FOX 26 News Around the Clock Report

Wall of Tears Spotlight 2007
Read Raijon Daniels' Heartbreaking Story

Site Last Update:
Monday, Dec 10, 2007

What Else is DragonPack.Com®?

Subsites Table of Contents
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  • Information & Activism
    • Breaking the Silence
      Home of Breaking the Silence stop the cycle of pain (est. 2006). Includes information on Child Abuse Awareness Week events, Survivor's Speak, Wall of Tears and Book of Tears, Veterans of Domestic Wars...     more
    • Mental Health Information
      Information about depression, dissociation, child abuse, and psychiatric medications; extensive mental health resources; lists of American and Canadian crisis line numbers; link to Mental Health Support Community...     more
    • IBD Support Community
      New home of the original Support for Parents of IBDers Message Board (est. 1998), IBD Kidz World Message Board (est. 1999), IBD Cross Talk Message Board (est. 2000), POP Parents Support Message Board (est. 2001)...     more
  • Meet the DragonPack
    • MiSFiT - WebMaster
      We are a multiple system, family, or community... We are also, many of us, survivors. The two are in no way synonomous with each other. We are now in our process of...     more
    • GathRing - Network Admin
      Things are not always as they seem. Our subconcious hides from us many of our motives and aspirations. The courageous among us walk through darkness and...     more
    • The Gaters - Our Young
      There is truly never a dull moment when you have three incredibly gifted offspring in the pack. Meet the GATERS and learn about Dark Elf's struggle to beat Ulcerative Colitis...     more

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